Adidas Presents - MF Doom

Doom comes out of his 10 year retirement to light up a dark London night with his spray cans.

The Perennial Plate - From Japan With Love

The PP is a weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. Presented is Daniel Klein in partnership with Intrepid Travel undertaking two weeks of travelling and eating his way around Japan, Enjoy.

D-WP - Things You Do (Prod. Ben Clooso)

The H-town rapper finally releases his visuals for the summertime jam ‘Thing you do’ taken from his Kung Fu Hustle mixtape. Showing D-WP comfortable both behind and infront of the camera, he brings us the right vibes to put us firmly in the summer mood. Enjoy!

The Making of Nike Football National Team Shirts

Nike shows us how they produce their most innovative football team jerseys. From 7 plastic bottles to the most advanced football jerseys on the planet it takes a few steps.

Made with at least 96% recycled polyester, each jersey is made using an average of 7 plastic bottles, and each short is made using an average of 6 plastic bottles—adding up to 13 plastic bottles per kit. This makes the 2012 National Team Kit Nike’s most environmentally-friendly ever.

Reclaimed, discarded plastic bottles are melted down to produce new yarn, which is converted into fabric. This recycling process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by an estimated 30% compared to manufacturing virgin polyester. Since 2010, Nike Football has used an estimated 115 million recycled plastic bottles to create its high performance kits. Lined up end to end, that’s enough bottles to stretch halfway around the world.

Quicksilver - Moments 2

Quiksilver presents its latest surf film, ‘Moments 2’. Shot around the world in the likes of Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Reunion Island, the 15-minute film features 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater and pro riders Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores and Craig ‘Ando’ Anderson alongside the brand’s crop of young up-and-comers.

Globe - Bantam Clear Cruiser

Globe brings on new clear versions of its trusted Bantam cruiser. Priding the Bantam on its stiffer construction, wider trucks and more durable components, Globe is among a growing list of brands re-entering the cruiser marketplace. The innovative plastic cruiser now takes a transparent jelly-like tone, reinventing the board of yesteryears with a fun, modern twist.

Nigel Sylvester - Beats By Dre Barcelona

Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and sponsor Beats by Dre pair up to present a look into one of Europe’s most notable urban playgrounds: Barcelona. Sylvester makes quick work of the landscape in this four-minute film from the idyllic Barcelona streets cutting to further footage from back home in America, focused on little else aside from the task at hand and his own soundtrack. The video cleverly mixes in the city’s natural sounds – construction and chatter – with the music on Sylvester’s headphones as the 25-year-old impresses without missing a beat.

Stussy 2012 Spring Rome Photoshoot

Stussy Italy captured select styles for their Spring 2012 collection in the “Shot in Rome” photo lookbook by Marco Mazocchi. Having been in the Italian marketplace for over 20 years now, further celebration and timing for the lookbook coincides with a Stussy store launch in Milan taking place March 24 – with musical guest DJ Hendrix. The Stussy Spring 2012 collection is available now at and Stussy Chapter Stores.

Odd Future - Oldie

While on the set of a Terry Richardson photoshoot, Odd Future performed/recorded an impromptu music video for “Oldie.” Each taking a turn at the spotlight reminiscent of Yo! MTV Raps or more recently the BET Cypher, the LA-based collective was in top form as each member’s unique individual style shined through. In trying to outdo one another you could still see the strong bond they all have, regardless of the success and pressure. Enjoy!

LRG Japan - Skate The Void

Storied lifestyle clothing company LRG sends its skate team to Tokyo for its new Skate The Void edit. In the short video, team riders Rodrigo TX, Chico Brenes, Kelly Hart, Felipe Gustavo, Karl Watson, and Masataka Yamashiro join up for a rousing jam session in an indoor skatepark before hitting up some of the unique street topography that only Tokyo could offer. Enjoy!

EDWIN - London Store Opening

When conceptualizing their new London store, EDWIN wanted to maintain a level of simplicity throughout its design that reflected the brand as a whole. In turn, that simplicity could then allow the focus to be product led, allowing the customer to experience a classic environment with the ease of a well worn pair of denims. The use of recycled materials is prominent within the design of the store. The flooring, denim wall, part of the walls and features where constructed using reclaimed scaffolding boards, previously having endured a lifetime on construction sites. With a history in denim production stretching back to 1947, it was important that the heritage of EDWIN’s brand and it’s integral history not be all consuming, but rather be used as a platform to create a clean, clear environment focused on product relevant to today, with an innate respect for the rules of the craft.

Bending Sounds - NYC Subway

New video from Washington-based cameraman, Tim Sessler. Shot within a couple hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Bending Sounds is a test/experiment to capture the inspirational sounds and visuals of the NYC subway. There’s no background music at all, allowing the natural sounds of the environment to prevail. Whether you’ve never been in the Big Apple’s subway system or use it on a daily basis, you’ll definitely find the video more than enjoyable. For the best results, watch it with headphones.

Hodgy Beats & Tyler the Creator - NY (Ned Flander)

In support of their upcoming OF Tape Vol. 2 album, Odd Future unveils the visual for “NY (Ned Flander)” featuring Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats. The video serves as the sequel to “Rella,” and is the second part of a trilogy of videos. In true OFWGKTA fashion, the Wolf Haley-directed clip is full of entertaining randomness and ups the anticipation for the final conclusion in the third video. OF Tape Vol. 2 is due March 20.

The Making of Halo 4

Set in the ashes of Halo 3, the eighth installment in the Halo canon finds Master Chief returning to confront his own destiny and finish yet another fight against an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. In this exclusive first look at the development process, join 343 Studios as they take the reigns of the Halo franchise and craft their inspirations behind the story arc, as well as some new footage of the Chief and his new Battle Rifle back in action. Halo 4 is currently slated for a Holiday 2012 release for the Xbox 360.

Odd Future - Loiter Squad Trailer

Adult Swim has unleashed the official trailer for Odd Future’s Loiter Squad television show. Cut from a very similar cloth as The Andy Milonakis Show, Tyler, Taco, Jasper and Lionel seem to get a good laugh out of the absurdity of the human condition. With set pieces involving costumes and stunts, only time will tell if Odd Future’s antics translate to television. Loiter Squad premieres March 25 on Adult Swim.